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The Crucial Elements Spring Zero

Your Price: $135.00
The Crucial Elements Spring Zero produces 18 meg ohm Ultrapure Water with no waste stream.  Each Crucial Elements DI yields approximately 50 Gallon of DI water.  Filter Life is completely dependent on incoming water quality.  The standard configuration is a Crucial elements Carbon Block followed by 2 Crucial Elements Color-indicating Virgin DI's.  We can add sediments, other carbon types or build to your particular needs.  Give us a call and we will get you what you need. All this is mounted on a keyholed Aluminum (never Rust) Bracket. 


  • High Quality Aluminum Bracket (No Rust)
  • Standard 10 x 2 filter size
  • Polyblown Sediment Filter
  • Activated Carbon Filter
  • Crucial Elements Refillable DI Cartridge
  • High Quality Clear Canisters
  • Quick Connect Fittings
  • Included Hose Bib Adapter

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